Session 1 Worksheets

Here are the section 1 worksheets, covering the lower D, E, and F of the treble clef.

Directions: Write under each quarter note the letter name for that note on the specified clef.  In the empty space on the bottom two stanzas, draw in on the staff each note that corresponds with the letter written below.

Goal: To complete the worksheet in 2 minutes.  To attain a higher level of proficiency, aim to complete the worksheets in 90 seconds.

For speed’s sake, you are allowed to use lower case letters and whole notes if you prefer.

The most effective way to use these is to print out a few of the first worksheet, and work at it until you’ve memorized the pattern, then move to the second worksheet, then to the third.  Aim not to memorize patterns, but to be able to identify the notes in any order.


Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3


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