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The goal of this blog is to make music theory accessible to all musicians. Many of you will find some lessons to be super basic, and you are welcome to skim or skip stuff you already know. For the sake of being thorough, we will start with the most elementary parts of music theory. We will tie these basics into the truth of the bible to build a foundation we can grow from. Each session will include three sections:

1. Scripture – How music and the bible correlate.

2. Pitch & Note Reading – How to read black dots on 5 lines and make music.

3. Rhythms – How to know how long to play notes and work out hard rhythms.

Each section will include a short lesson, and if applicable, some practice sheets and quizzes to help solidify the information in your mind. Knowing something as well as you know how to spell “cat” allows you to stop worrying about playing and free up your mind and heart to worship.
Please DO NOT hesitate to email me with any questions. I would be ecstatic to get several emails each lesson with questions – it helps you learn and me feel like you care about what I’m doing.
So thank you for caring, and enjoy!


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Worship Theory

Hello fellow worshipers of the living Jesus!

My prayer for this blog is that it will be a catalyst in your worship of God as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of his creation of music.  My hope is that you will in turn glorify him for his wisdom, perfection, and love.   In God’s infinite wisdom, he gave us a moving, complex, and relational means of praising him with the gift of music, and we are compelled to become better musicians that we may offer him excellence.  My goal is to explore music as a whole in order to learn more about God and to become more satisfied in him. We will look through scripture, study note reading and rhythms, and relate music to the word of God that we may worship him more fully with a deeper understanding of his truth.   Thank you for joining me in this pursuit.

Karina Gillette

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